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Registering is quick and easy.  To take advantage of the full service offered by this site, contact with a Realtor® is a critical component of the search process and can be very helpful. Your privacy is important. You are able to indicate your desire to opt out of receiving notifications anytime you wish.  However, opting out of being contacted would restrict the ability of Sheldon Ellsworth, a licensed Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX, and his associates in helping you successfully conclude your search for your perfect home by limiting your access to their expertise, training, and firsthand knowledge of the local real estate market and the prevailing conditions affecting price and availability.

Working with an experienced Realtor® to assist you in finding and purchasing the home of your dreams is a sound decision that will ensure a successful outcome - details will be taken care of in a professional and expedient manner.  

  1. As the buyer, there is no cost to you to use the services of a Realtor®. The seller (property owner) pays the Realtors’® commissions. Realtors® assist buyers in finding a suitable home with no cost to the buyer unless previously agreed to in a written contract.   
  2. Working with an experienced real estate professional will result in cost savings for you and save you time. By researching and completing background checks on properties of interest to you, a licensed and experienced Realtor® will help you avoid costly mistakes. No one wants to be surprised by finding out they have bought a house that was previously a grow-op or a property with liens on title. By working with a Realtor® - you gain access to their extensive and current market knowledge, strong negotiating skills and concise contract expertise.  Buying directly from a seller has many pitfalls. Sellers are not licensed and have no set standard they must adhere to. This could result in a buyer’s interests not being protected by contract law. An experienced Real Estate Agent can ensure that all concerns are addressed and covered in the purchase contract legal language which is binding on the seller once they have signed. A Realtor® can ensure the buyer does not end up blindly buying a house with undisclosed problems. When a buyer is not represented by their own Real Estate Agent – the signed purchase contract may not protect the buyer’s rights in all circumstances.

  3. Real Estate Agents have errors & omissions insurance coverage.  Realtors® offer protection to their clients from liability via insurance policies that cover the costs of unforeseen damages or loss.  The offer to purchase contract is a legally binding document with resulting ramifications if there is a breach in agreed upon terms.  A Realtor® understands the terms of the contract and how to best use them to assist the buyer in attaining a fair and uncomplicated possession of the desired property. Contract conditions must be properly considered to cover all of the buyer’s requirements. Deadlines need to be met and all pertinent clauses need to be understood in order to ensure a successful transaction.